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Paw - FAQ's

Office Hours:


The front office closes other than at the times specified on the hours menu. There is a staff member overnight on property.  


Reservations & Deposits:


Reservations are recommended in advance to assure accommodations for your pet. This is particularly advised for the summer months, Thanksgiving, Christmas and public holidays!


** Holiday weekend reservations require a $50.00 deposit.  This is refundable if the reservation is cancelled 72 hours in advance of check in day.  The deposit will be forfeited if the reservation isn't cancelled with 72 hours notice or is a "no show".  Reservation cancellations require a conversation with a client service representative and are not accepted by voice mail. 

No show/ or cancelled grooming appointments without 72 hours notice will require a 50% deposit on the estimate for re-booking.




Walk-through tours are given by appointment, preferably on Tuesday through Thursday, 9:30 AM-11:30 AM and 4:00 PM-5:00 PM. Please inquire about availability on other days or times.  Walk-through tours include a visual sample of the suite sizes and our outdoor area. For liability reasons and to limit the disruption to our pet guests, we do not allow customers to walk past every pet's suite. Children and unauthorized dogs are not allowed through the Pet Hotel. Daycare cannot be interrupted for tours as this will interrupt group play.



Admission Requirements:


For admission, we require proof of vaccines:

  • For dogs: Current DA2P-CPV (or titer), Rabies, and Bordetella (Bordetella recommended every 6 months). We always recommend Leptospirosis vaccination, Heartworm testing negative yearly, and Heartworm & Flea/Tick monthly preventative. We recommend, but do not require Influenza vaccines at this time. We accept Vaccinations given by Veterinarians only- for safety precautions we do not accept home given or shelter Vaccines.

  • For cats: FVRCP and Rabies. (FeLv vaccine recommended).

  • A Veterinarian's certificate of vaccination and annual health exam is mandatory and must be produced or verified before check-in. 

  • This may be faxed directly from your vet's office or we can confirm vaccines with your veterinarian over the phone.

  • All dogs must be on a leash and cats must be in a carrier when entering the facility.

  • Please allow at least 15 minutes for the check-in process.

  • A menu of services and boarding agreement must be completed at the time of check-in.

  • If someone other than the owner will pick up your pet, please advise the receptionist and provide the authorized person's name during check-in.  Payment is required at time of check-in if the authorized person picking your pet up will not be paying. 

  • Payment is required at the time of check out; your pet may not leave the facility without payment. Dogs staying longer than 1 week require prepayment.

  • Please let us know if your dog is allergic to any foods, such as grains, chicken or beef!

  • All medication must come in original prescription container.  We do not allow medication to be pre-packaged in food.

  • To protect from external and internal parasites, we recommend that you discuss suitable parasite control with your veterinarian.  We recommend CANINE ADVANTIX &  Revolution for fleas and ticks, Feline Advantage multi for heartworms and fleas; and heartworm preventative for all dogs and cats. We are not responsible for parasite exposure.



Late Checkouts:


Check out time is before 1 PM each day, after which a $15.00 day fee is charged for late check out. If you do not pick up your pet on your scheduled pick up day and we are booked, your pet may be moved to an exit kennel to accommodate scheduled in-coming pets. There may be an additional $5.00 fee  plus boarding fee for each additional night. Please remember that there may be other reservations scheduled. Even if we are unable to keep your pet in his regular suite we will continue to ensure that he is comfortable and enjoys his stay. The next day’s overnight stay rate begins at 1:00 pm.





We recommend that you bring your dog's own food. A sudden change to our brand of food could result in gastric upset. Dogs are fed twice daily. Please provide your dog's regular food, pre-measured and separated in Ziploc-type bags for each meal. You may also bring a seal-able bulk container of kibble. You may bring canned food to supplement your dog's meals. Please bring all foods in airtight containers for safe storage.


If you do not bring food, we will feed your pet our own food at a $4.00/day charge.  We cannot cook or serve raw foods in our facility.



Pet Restrictions:


We do not accept the following pets:

  • Pets with ticks or fleas. (Fleas can be treated upon admission with a bath and Capstar for an extra charge) 

  • Medical boards- such as animals with:  severe osteoarthritis, seizures, diabetes, animals treated for heart failure or kidney failure (care that should be performed at a vet clinic) - we recommend veterinary boarding for these animals.

  • Dogs who are excessive barkers or that disrupt other guests.

  • Dogs that attempt to escape.

  • Pets that are aggressive to people, that our staff is unable to handle, or put a leash on.

  • Aggressive dogs that constantly fence-fight with other guests - the exception is that these dogs may be admitted as high energy dogs where they do not have a dog next to them, for an additional $8.00/day.



Flea and Tick Policy:

  • We do not accept bedding or fabric toys from your home. You may purchase new toys from us or bring new toys with the tag still on.

  • Pets will be inspected for fleas and ticks upon check-in and check-out. It is our right to refuse pets with fleas or ticks. Treatment for fleas may be offered at admit (bathing, Capstar, Frontline Plus or Advantix) if schedule allows.

  • It is recommended that your pet be on a flea and tick preventative and a heartworm/hookworm preventative for the protection of your pet and other guests.

  • Pets can pick up parasites in dog parks, owner's yards and common areas in neighborhoods, etc. We are not responsible for parasites after the pet has exited our facility.

  • We advise customers whose pets have fleas or ticks to exterminate their home and yard before returning the pet to that environment.

  • It is the customer's responsibility to thoroughly inspect their pet prior to leaving our facility.


In Case of an Emergency:

We monitor pets for normal appetite, energy, eliminations, signs of coughing, normal playful behavior. If there are any concerns then we will notify you and take your pet to the veterinarian. We make every effort to contact you prior to veterinary visits but will seek care if deemed urgent or emergency. You are responsible for veterinary fees unless we are notified in advance of specific requests.

The pet owner will be notified immediately. Emergencies will be transported to the customer's veterinarian if within a reasonable distance. Otherwise, we will transport the pet to our local veterinarian. A transportation fee will be charged. Depending on the situation and the time of day, emergencies may need to be transported to an after hours hospital.

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